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Colors by Number® – April 2014: Colors by Number is updated to version 1.5 and accompanied by a new HD video tutorial – visit the web site or blog

sample logos
View examples of logo and trademark design

First-ever showing of grid design based on Golden Section – orginally drawn and inked on vellum 1977-78, re-drawn in Illustrator® 2010-2011

trim screw
Stock and custom fastener art – illustrations created expressly for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and marketers of fastening products for the construction industry

colors of phi
The colors of phi – the decimal value of phi (read as ordinary text, beginning with 0.6180339...) expanded out to 10,080 places and grouped in chunks of six digits, each accompanied by its hexidecimal color equivalent

Design for wine and spirits brands – snapshot of Keith Lovell's experience in designing packaging, advertising, promotions and web sites for some of the industry's leading brands including Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Castello Banfi, Finlandia, Cinzano and more

Not-so-random thoughts and images – ongoing blog/journal of personal work and observations from recent travels and everyday life

*Projects featured on this site are the work of Keith Lovell – Chester, Connecticut-based art director, graphic artist and designer with an avid interest in all things Phi and Fibonacci.


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To understand is to perceive patterns. (Isaiah Berlin)